Kahmate is the first rugby board game that can be played on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

iPad  iPhone
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Position your players intelligently to hinder the advancement of the opposing team, and at the same time facilitate your own strategy.
Manage the fitness of your team with the help of the Fitness Cards. Pass the ball, push your way through with a hand-off,
tackle or intercept a pass and then score a try.

This very simple little game is a concentration of tactics and anticipation.
It is fluid, rapid, and tense. It is not a simulation, yet the sensations experienced are very real.

  • 2 players strategy board game
  • Original Cartoon Design
  • Optimised for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch /Optimised for Retina display
  • 1 player training mode

  • A.I. for 1 player mode
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • and more ...